Young Adult Small Group

Hello! One of the most exciting and (simultaneously) challenging things about moving to a new place is building friendships. I first learned this lesson when Mallory and I moved to Durham in 2019. At every point in our lives before this, we had built-in community through schooling. In college, for example, my closest friends lived… Continue reading Young Adult Small Group


Exciting Things Coming in Youth and Kidz at Mulberry!

A message from our Director of Family Ministries, Elisa Reece: Our Children and Youth programs are tremendously active! I am so blessed to be a part of this great ministry. There are many ways to invest in their spiritual journey, which will change their lives. Here's how you can partner with us by volunteering with… Continue reading Exciting Things Coming in Youth and Kidz at Mulberry!

Spiritual Formation Opportunities Coming Up Soon!

I’m an 8. Dana is a 1. You might be a 4. Those are Enneagram numbers and it’s just one of the studies you can attend coming up soon! As Methodists, we’re called to be “going on toward perfection.” That’s our way of saying we should be constantly growing as disciples of Jesus Christ, becoming… Continue reading Spiritual Formation Opportunities Coming Up Soon!

Support Wesley Glen!

Support Wesley Glen! Led by our own Cameron Bishop, Wesley Glen Ministries is a private, not for profit agency of the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, dedicated to serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Coming up soon are three ways you can help support their ministry. First, get your car washed… Continue reading Support Wesley Glen!