Our Treasures

I’ve been reflecting on the scripture that tells us “for where your treasure it, there will your heart be also.” I suspect December is the time of year we most consider our treasures—we are surrounded by family and friends in a season of love, sharing, and gratitude. No doubt, one of the things we treasure most is our journey with God, and by extension, our church and those who fill the pews with us. In my short time here, I have experienced the bonds of love and commitment that make Mulberry Street a sanctuary. The congregation, the city, and even our nation, need Mulberry Street UMC to be what God is uniquely calling it to be! 

Giving is profoundly personal in that it reveals a bit about our resources, what we consider important, and even what we believe. I learned a lot about giving from my parents over the past 60 years, watching them give and love abundantly. I also absorbed a lot from grandparents who were frugal and yet uncommonly generous, especially with the church. As a result, tithing to the church is one of my highest privileges. My prayer is that the church will be a source of eternal hope and comfort for generations to come.

We have cause to celebrate—2022 has been a good year of giving at Mulberry Street! Because of your commitment, giving is up and expenses are down. As a staff, we have been praying for the church to end the year without a deficit. We recognize this is a God-sized prayer, and we ask you to join us in it. I believe God is happy when we pray beyond what we can imagine!

If you are already giving, remain faithful in it! If you’ve been thinking about starting, listen to that inner voice and move forward on it. Everyone has something to give, be it modest, extravagant, or somewhere in between. Our hope is that each of us will be thoughtful and intentional with our giving.

Please remember that gifts for tax-year 2022 must be received in the church office by Friday, December 30 or post-marked no later than Saturday, December 31.

I can’t close without whispering in your ear to consider including the church in your estate plans. There are many helpful tools that can benefit you and the church. Let us know how we may be of help. Merry Christmas!

Hunter Godsey
Church Administrator


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