All Saints Sunday

Since beginning here at Mulberry, I have heard many stories of those pillars of this church who have passed on to glory. In their generosity, their labor, their dedication, and their hearts for God, they pointed many of us toward Jesus Christ and strengthened the ministry of this church. We are wise to remember them, allowing their witness to encourage us in our faithfulness to God. That is, in fact, what we will do this coming Sunday as we mark All Saints Sunday.

Each All Saints Sunday, we highlight those members of the church who have passed on to glory in the last year. We recall their memories, grieving our loss and yet hopeful in the confidence that they now see Christ as he is and are pure and blameless before the throne, just as 1 John tells us. They showed us Christ in this life, and now they rejoice with Christ forevermore.

This coming Sunday, we will remember fourteen of our saints in particular. This is a high and holy moment in the life of the church as we remember:

Barbara S. Stephens
Hannah Greene
Harry Lee Couch
Ed Sell, III
Rosa Bennett
Gail Brooks
Julianne Fortney
Hines V. Causey, Sr.
Marvin W. Roberts
Betsy Bennett
Bill Ott, Jr.
Frances Smith
William “Billy” Walker
Julie Ran Middlebrooks

Those we remember this day are saints in our lives because, through them, we know Christ better. Proverbs says “as iron sharpens iron, so one life does another;” (27:17) an apt way to think about the saints in our lives who have sharpened us by cultivating our faith, showing us what it means to be Christ to the world. We honor those lives on All Saints because to be a saint is to reveal Christ to the world.

So, I hope you will join us on Sunday, November 6, in worship as we celebrate and remember the lives of these saints. All Saints is a special and holy Sunday, one of my favorites each year. I look forward to seeing you here with us!


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