Young Adult Small Group


One of the most exciting and (simultaneously) challenging things about moving to a new place is building friendships. I first learned this lesson when Mallory and I moved to Durham in 2019. At every point in our lives before this, we had built-in community through schooling. In college, for example, my closest friends lived right down the hallway and were always down for a late night Taco Bell run! Living on our own meant we had to actively seek out these new relationships. And believe me when I say it took some work!

Starting next week, Mallory and I are hosting a small group for Young Adults at our home! Our hope is that this group will be a place where people can come together and build relationships while growing together in Christ. We will meet Tuesdays from 6-8 at our house for fun, fellowship, and food! It is open to young adults, and those with young children are more than welcome to bring them along. Bring your dinner, and we will provide dessert!

Have a blessed week,


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