Let’s Eat!

It’s time for our first Second Sunday Lunch; a new tradition of feasting together immediately following worship on the Second Sunday of each month. We had such a great time during my welcome party, and our staff heard over and over again during onboarding and listening sessions how much the church desires fellowship opportunities, that we put together such a time monthly.

The idea is simple: the church will provide the main dish (chicken in this case) and drinks. You provide sides to share. It worked well at the welcome luncheon, although I was so busy talking there was almost no food left when I finally went through the line! I won’t make that mistake twice.

Fellowship is also very biblical and spiritual. There’s joy, the joy of the Lord, that’s created when we gather together to share a meal. In the breaking of bread together around the table, we create commonality and foster bonds, just as scripture says we’re to do. In fact, that was a primary way the early church built community; they ate together. If we think back in our minds to times of gathering with family and friends, how often is that around dinner tables? Eating together is central to fostering the relationships that build up our church.

This means that our Second Sunday Lunch is also a great time to invite friends and family to come and join you, learning more about the church and the excitement here. In our time together, we have the opportunity to break bread together, share in a common meal, and find reasons for joy.

So, as Hebrews says, “let us not give up meeting together,” (Heb. 10:25) for through our fellowship we build the church.

If you haven’t already by calling the church office or filling out a connection card, please let us know you plan to come by calling the church office or by signing up HERE.


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