“Daybreak Macon” App

On Sunday mornings, I’ve entered the habit of being in the Atrium about 9:45 a.m. to welcome you to church. It’s a great time of fellowship and a great way for me to learn names. Thanks for continuing to wear your name badges; it helps! 

Often in our conversations, I encounter questions about services for our homeless brothers and sisters. As I have served here, I have found myself asking questions, too, because I don’t always know where to direct people when they need a meal on the weekends or medical care or some other request that I have encountered. 

This past Tuesday, I convened a meeting of several downtown churches and agencies to talk about resourcing each other related to homelessness. At that meeting, Sister Theresa of Daybreak shared with us their app for iPhone and Android devices. That app lists every service in Macon available to the homeless and does so by category. It’s easy to find a resource and share with others. For example, I recently had a request to go to a cooling center. The app says exactly where to go and can provide directions. The app can also be downloaded by the homeless so they can find those resources, too. 

To download the app, visit the App Store or Google Play on your phone and search, “Daybreak Macon.” It should be the first app that pops up. The app logo says DePaul, the parent company of Daybreak. Hit download and you’re ready to go! Together, we can help our friends in need find the resources they need.

– Ted


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