Hello from VBS!


DJ Cupcake here to tell you about Vacation Bible School at Mulberry! As I write on Monday afternoon, we have seventy-one children who have come to learn about how God provides! We’re having a food truck party, talking about Bible stories involving food to show how God meets our needs. Today, we talked about the manna in the wilderness, featuring Moses and the people of God. We also learned about quail, which at first we thought were snails! The kids are having a great time learning and growing, dancing and crafting. They’ll come back tomorrow and I can’t wait! On Friday, I hear there’s a pizza party to end things. I’m really looking forward to that! 

Please pray for our children, that they learn and grow in Christ. And please pray, too, for all our volunteers. I got to meet a lot of great Mulberry people today who came to do things like snacks, lead games, be a group leader, and teach. I even met Top Chef Ella, who I’m helping set up her own food truck called On a Roll. She’s going to bake lots of bread. I’m very impressed with Mary Charles, Christi, and Megan, who I hear helped make VBS happen this year. They’re great and I’m going to crank up some special tunes just for them! It takes a team to make VBS happen and we’ve got a great one.

That’s the report from Vacation Bible School. Hope you saw my video I posted to Mulberry’s Facebook page! Keep our children and volunteers in your prayers. I’m glad to be here and look forward to more Vacation Bible School! 


DJ Cupcake
AKA: Ted 


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