New Staffing Announcement

The SPRC is pleased to announce several staffing updates! In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing details about each of these folks through a Staff Spotlight post on social media. For now, please join us in welcoming and congratulating the following individuals:

Zachary Golden | Financial Secretary 

We already know and love Zachary! He has served as our organist for about the past year. Beginning July 1, Zach has added to his duties those of financial secretary. We are grateful for his willingness to step up to these new duties!

Millie Johnson | Communications Director 

We also already know and love Millie! She has served us well for about the past year. Effective July 1, Millie will take on additional responsibilities for the networking, phones, and facility systems of our church. She will also begin to publish the weekly newsletter and fully oversee the communication efforts of the church. We are grateful to Millie for her willingness to step up to these new responsibilities!

Elisa Reece | Director of Family Ministries 

Elisa joins us from Greensboro United Methodist Church where she served with their youth program. She has a long history of children and youth ministry and is excited to bring her experience and enthusiasm for ministry to Mulberry Street. Elisa will begin her new post on July 25. 

Hunter Godsey | Church Administrator 

Hunter brings a passion for ministry and a wealth of administrative and financial experience to our church! He is currently the Senior Vice President of Myers McRae and Chair of the Finance Committee of First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon. In his past, he has served in a variety of ministry settings and holds the Master of Divinity degree. We look forward to welcoming Hunter to Mulberry as our Church Administrator beginning August 1.

These individuals will all be in place by August 1, bringing together a new staff with energy and enthusiasm for our church. We are pleased as well to have been able to make these hires in a revenue-neutral fashion, providing for the church to meet its staffing needs without adding expense to our budget. As you see them in the office or worship, please join us in congratulating each of them! Cards or letters of welcome may be mailed to the church in their name. 

— Ted


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